domingo, 26 de abril de 2015


3D Models
    Accurate exterior and interior models developed specially for FSX
    HD textures with specular, bump and reflection maps
    Despite the above mentioned this model is quite FPS friendly
Panel & Gauges
    All gauges are developed with 3D parts
    Separately animated needles shadows, so they look very realistic
    Most knobs have moving along shadows
    Panel surface contains bump-map
    Gauge glass has reflection and fingertips visible at a specific sun angle
    Realistic night light
    If you use DX10 you'll have dynamic shadows inside the cockpit
    Electric system is fully simulated
    Pneumatic system is partly simulated
    Realistic engine starting system (Ctrl+E doesn't work)
    Simulated engine overheat and engine fire, anti-fire system is also included
Flight dynamics
    Accurate flight dynamics developed in close cooperation with the real An-2 pilots
    Engine sounds recorded from the real aircraft
    Most switches, knobs levers are sounded
System Requirements: <<hide<<
    Windows Vista/7/8
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2/Acceleration
    2GHz CPU / 2GB RAM / 512 MB Graphics
    Available hard drive space: 350 MB
    Desired: Joystick, TrackIR
    Windows compatibility mode should be off for FSX

LINK: descargar

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